It’s More Than Just a Conference!

HOW Design Live is all about connections. Every year, relationships form organically among HOW Design Live attendees, and even among attendees and speakers—relationships that lead to opportunities and lifelong friendships. The power of the HOW Community is massive, inspiring, welcoming and easy to join. You’ll find your tribe at HOW: a core group of fellow creatives who call themselves “HOWies.

  • Connect online before the conference to make new friends and plan meet-ups.
  • Support each other year-round, offering everything from tips on using the latest InDesign shortcut to navigating sticky client situations.
  • Socialize during the conference, organizing pub crawls, morning walk/run sessions, lunch outings and more.
  • Rally HOWie resources to help one another during tough times.
  • Refer work, job openings and clients to each other, as well as collaborate on projects.

HOW Ambassador Mission Statement

What is a HOW Design Live Conference Ambassador? The Ambassadors are HDL attendees that love and support this conference and have become the embodiment of everything HOW Design Live represents: Creativity, Inspiration, Leadership and COMMUNITY. They are designers, managers, teachers, students, mentors and catalysts in all areas of the creative industry. The Ambassadors’ primary goal is to ensure that every HDL Attendee enjoys the full extent of the HOW Design Live Conference experience. Being an Ambassador is not limited to the 3 days of the conference, they commit themselves year-round to keep the spirit of creativity and kinship alive in the design community.

Meet The 2023 Ambassadors

“I’ve been to HOW Design Live for over 20 years primarily because of the PEOPLE that I’ve made through the years. From my very first moment at HOW Design Live, I became part of a larger community of design professionals. The lifelong relationships with fellow HOWies, the speakers/authors and HOW Design Live staffers are one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career.”

- Keith “Smitcat” Smith

“I started following HOW Design Live in 2005 as I wanted to have a stronger connection to the design community. I found it to be filled with like-minded people who were passionate about design and I wanted to be a part of it. HOW Design Live has been a catalyst in cultivating my career and developing relationships, both professionally and personally. I always leave feeling inspired, recharged and reconnected. In a world of hybrid work environments, I feel that investing in HOW Design Live is more important than ever to help navigate our changing workscapes.”

- Darcy Hinrichs

“There’s a reason why I fly halfway around the world to attend HOW Design Live! Every year, my creative well has been renewed and I’ve made endless meaningful connections with an amazing community, all while gaining inspiration and staying on top of the latest trends. Most importantly, I always leave with actionable learnings from tapping into incredible content by creative thought leaders.”

- Fira Sharp

“HOW Design Live is the event I look forward to every year. After 15+ years, it so awesome to be a part of such an amazing community. Only here can you geek out about fonts during the day, then buy a round of shots for your fellow creatives at night. This is HOW we do it! Let’s GO!”

- Alfredo Vilano

“HOW DESIGN LIVE IS AN INDUSTRY GAME-CHANGER. For more than 30 years, HOW has brought together the community to educate, inspire and, most importantly, create an active community. While the sessions are great, the magic happens sharing experiences and networking. I’ve benefited from HOW by meeting my business partner, Jamie Saunders, and the Creative Shit Show podcast co-hosts Von Glitschka and Justin Ahrens. HOW has helped our industry thrive and I wouldn’t miss it!”

- Karen Larson, Clear Brand Strategy

“HOW Design Live is a sanctuary of creative inspiration! It’s a great way to meet designers from all over. I’ve carved out so many friendships over the years! This will be my 19th year at HOW.”

- Calvin Ng

“HOW Design Live is my favorite design event of the year. Not only do attendees get a chance to ignite their creative passion and explore the latest creative trends, but they also gain lasting connections with industry peers.”

- Lynnette “LBoogie” Pope

“As a marketer, I collaborate with all different types of creatives. Attending HOW Design Live each year is vital because it helps me understand the designer’s mindset to be a better partner. I love hearing about what’s next in design, learning from speakers of all different backgrounds and disciplines, and figuring out how to apply it to my business. HOW’s intimate atmosphere allows for a ton of networking opportunities. I met my creative partner, made lasting friendships, and found business opportunities at this conference. There is nothing else quite like it; you only have to attend once to understand the magic of HOW Design Live.”

- Jamie Saunders, Clear Brand Strategy