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Boston / April 30 – May 3 / 2018


A Talk on Brand Authenticity from HOW Live Events

The old adage of “Fake It Until You Make It” has been replaced with a new statement –– “You Can’t Make It If You Fake It.” During HOW DESIGN LIVE 2017, Hamish Campbell of Pearlfisher discussed how to build the world’s most desirable brands, challengers and icons. In it, he discussed his belief that brands…

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HOW Design Live Manifesto

AT HOW DESIGN LIVE, WE BELIEVE: DESIGN HAS POWER. You just need to know how to wield it effectively.  MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS ARE WORTH A FEW BUCKS. But real motivation—the kind that you can’t get in a meme—is priceless. IT IS POSSIBLE to change the world with design. You just need to know where to start….

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The Purpose of HOW Design Live

All businesses, including events, need to have a purpose. There needs to be a reason why we exist and that our existence makes an impact, either large or small, in helping to move the world forward in a positive, affirming way. It sounds ambitious, but it really isn’t. Everyone and everything exists for a reason,…

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