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The 2018 Dieline Conference was one for the books!

Held in Downtown Boston at the Hynes Convention, this year’s conference explored the evolution and future of brand experience. The world of packaging is one that is constantly changing, and yet, everything and anything is possible, particularly when packaging is no longer just about standing out on the shelf. In the US alone, packaging is…

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The Secret Formula for Creative Success

The Secret Formula for Creative Success Is creativity the sacred realm of natural born geniuses? Or is there a formula to creativity that anyone can learn? That’s the essential question at the heart of The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea at the Right Time, big data entrepreneur Allen Gannett’s new book, which…

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Speaking the Brand Language Through Design

Written by- Khushbu Sanghi, SVA Graduate Student, Masters in Branding We often learn in school the how’s and why’s of design, marketing and branding that make us think, learn, and lean towards a skill one could excel in. We read, research and discuss variables of strategy in design, marketing, and branding hoping to find solutions,…

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