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May 7-10, 2019

The HOWie Community

It’s More Than Just a Conference!

HOW Design Live is all about connections. Every year, relationships form organically among HOW Design Live attendees and speakers —relationships that lead to opportunities and lifelong friendships. The power of the HOW Community is massive, inspiring, welcoming and easy to join.

“I went from feeling alone as the only designer in the office to being connected, educated, and supported by all the creatives I’ve met throughout the years, and having access to their experience, knowledge and wisdom has made all the difference. I’ll never miss another HOW Design Live if I can help it!”
—Cami Travis-Groves


“Apart from the inspiring speakers and sessions, my greatest takeaways from HOW Design Live, are the personal and professional connections formed over the years that have helped to propel my career.”
—Karl Hudson Phillips


You’ll find your tribe at HOW: a core group of fellow creatives who consider themselves “HOWies.”


“I’ve been to the HOWLive for 19 years straight primarily because of the CONNECTIONS that I’ve made through the years. From my very first moment at HOWLive, I knew I was part of a larger community of design professionals. These enduring relationships with fellow HOWies, the speakers/authors and HOWLive staffers is one of the most fulfilling parts of my career.”
—Keith Smith (Smitcat)


“HOW Design isn’t just about learning from the amazing speakers on the stage or the knowledgeable vendors on the exhibition floor. It’s about building your network and finding your squad. So, listen. Take notes. Collect Samples. But don’t forget to look at the person next to you that you don’t know and introduce yourself. That how you HOW. I did it, and I have the most amazing group of friends that also moonlights as my network.”
—Julie Goldsberry, #huggedbyjulie


HOWies …

  • Connect online before the conference to make new friends and plan meet-ups
  • Socialize during the conference, organizing pub crawls, morning walk/run sessions, lunch outings and more
  • Support each other year-round, offering everything from tips on using the latest InDesign shortcut to navigating sticky client situations
  • Refer work, job openings and clients to each other, as well as collaborate on projects
  • Rally HOWie resources to help one another during tough times


“HOW Design Live is my favorite design event of the year. Not only do attendees get a chance to ignite their creative passion and explore the latest creative trends, but they also gain lasting connections with industry peers.”
—Lynnette “LBoogie” Pope


“HDL always comes at a time when I need it the most and I always leave feeling that spark again…remembering why I am so passionate about the industry and why I love doing what I do.”
—Darcy Hinrichs


“HOW started as a spark for me to be connected to the creative community, something I lacked in my early design career. The more I got engaged, the more I craved to be involved in my local design community. All of this has become the perfect storm to enhance my design sense and leadership style, continuing my growth to be better at what I do.”
—Jen Lemerand